Maintenance Mechanic II | Facilitator of Plant Services | Biomedical Technician

HSHS Sacred Heart, Eau Claire

  • Maintenance Mechanic II (Job Posting # 17005537) – Rotating Shifts - 40hrs/wk

Position Summary
Monitors the operation of boilers; generators; heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment; and incinerator. Also collects trash, wastes and performs routine maintenance.

Essential Job Functions

  • Maintains established departmental guidelines, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  • Performs maintenance, lubrication, cleaning of boilers and boiler room on a routine basis.
  • Inspects equipment and operation of the boiler room to assure that safety regulations are met and efficient operations maintained.
  • Observes meter and gauges and adjusts valves and other controls to regulate flow of water and steam, to meet the need for all functions within the affiliate.
  • Checks all mechanical equipment rooms during the respective shift and records readings in a logbook or other required form.
  • Provides maintenance to all areas of the affiliate unless the situation warrants help from Plant Services on-call personnel.
  • Tests and treats boiler and cooling water according to specifications.
  • Collects trash and wastes and disposes of them according to established guidelines.
  • Operates incinerator in accordance with established guidelines.

  • Facilitator of Plant Services  (Job Posting # 17005538) – Days – 40hrs/wk

Position Summary
Serves as the expert resource and lead person within the service area. Works closely with the director/manager to plan, implement, and facilitate the work activity of the area to accomplish goals and objectives. Assumes overall responsibility for all functions of plant services and maintenance that guarantees the highest quality maintenance services and protects the investment of the physical plant and related equipment in the most cost effective and efficient manner. Related equipment includes, but is not limited to, mechanical equipment, refrigeration, power, heat, cooling, medical gas, sterilization systems, as well as certain departmental and patient care equipment.

Essential Job Functions

  • Maintains and administers the affiliate’s preventative maintenance system.
  • Assures compliance with all federal, state, and local related codes and regulations relating to the physical plant and secondary equipment.
  • Assists in the planning and development of new construction and remodeling of current structures.
  • Develops and implements service area policies, procedures and objectives.
  • Directs and controls the operation of the energy management system and other management systems.
  • Provides for new staff orientation and staff development programs within the service area.
  • Provides input into service area decisions concerning promotion, demotion, transfer, hiring and termination.
  • Develops appropriate staffing schedules.
  • Establishes and reviews performance standards for colleagues.
  • Prepares timely reports and statistics as required by the Manager.
  • Maintains department records, reports and files as required.
  • Assists in the preparation and implementation of the budget.

  • Biomedical Technician (Job Posting # 18000523) Days – 20hrs/wk

Position Summary
Provides safety checks, repairs, calibration and preventive maintenance to patient monitoring equipment, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and other electronic equipment. Provides technical assistance for staff on various types of equipment. Demonstrates competency with regards to schematics and works independently on repairs, safety testing and preventive maintenance of general clinical equipment. Maintains records, writes reports, and coordinates outside repairs. Identifies and remedies equipment failures and hazards posing potential risks to patients.

Essential Job Functions

  • Performs scheduled preventive maintenance as recommended by equipment manufacturer.
  • Repairs equipment to manufacturers specifications.
  • Performs incoming inspection: unpacks, inspects, tests, adjusts new biomedical equipment with respect to safety standards and manufacturer's specifications after it is received. Initiates work record on new equipment before it is made available to staff for use.
  • Assists staff with user problems through training and in-service.
  • Initiates requisitions for the purchase of parts and supplies.
  • Evaluates site environment for suitability.
  • Maintains equipment documentation, supplies, parts, and work area.
  • Coordinates installations between vendors and affected departments.
  • Coordinates services for repairs and upgrades.
  • Designs and/or modifies equipment to meet the needs of the user without compromising regulatory approved equipment functions.

Posted: March 22, 2018