The Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association is a premier organization providing quality education; advocacy and outreach within our healthcare community. WHEA is recognized by local and national regulatory organizations as an essential partner in the codes and standards development and compliance process. The key to our success is a commitment to our members and the development of professional relationships.


The Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association (WHEA) is comprised of six (6) local chapters positioned strategically throughout the state. Although each chapter has its own bylaws, officers, and conducts separate chapter meetings, all chapters are governed by the state bylaws. Members of each WHEA chapter automatically become a member of the state organization. State dues are included in chapter dues assessments. WHEA is an affiliated chapter of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE.)

WHEA is governed by a state board comprised of thirteen (13) voting members. Elected officials include the immediate Past President, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Officer-at-Large. The six (6) Chapter Presidents serve as elected representatives to the board and are also voting members. One (1) retired member is appointed to the board as a voting member. The state board meets approximately quarterly (or more frequently at the discretion of the President) in addition to conducting an annual meeting; traditionally held during the annual fall conference.

The WHEA President appoints chair persons to Standing Committees, as prescribed by our bylaws. Other ad hoc or temporary committee assignments may be directed by the President at his/her discretion. An ASHE Advocacy Liaison is appointed by the WHEA President. Standing Committee chairs, other appointed committee chairs and the ASHE Advocacy Liaison regularly attend board meetings and report the activities of their committees. Standing Committees are the Bylaws Committee, Codes & Standards Committee, Conference Committee, Education Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Member Services Committee, Nominating Committee, Resource Committee, and Sponsorship Committee.

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