The WHEA Foundation, Inc. (WFI) was formed in 2009 to support educational, research and healthcare engineering programs of the Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association (WHEA), its members and the greater Healthcare community. Today, as the 501 (c) 3 fund raising arm of the WHEA, the WHEA Foundation focuses its grant making priorities on initiatives that have an impact on healthcare engineering.

Who We Are
The WHEA Foundation, Inc. is poised to secure a bright future for Healthcare Engineering! We have dedicated ourselves to philanthropic support of Healthcare Engineering and Research to ensure that future Healthcare Engineering leaders are trained and equipped to manage an environment of care that affords our caregivers the best opportunities to restore and improve the health and well-being of each and every person and community we serve.

The Vision of the WHEA Foundation, Inc.
Our vision is to advance the art and science of healthcare engineering by promoting excellence and the philanthropic support of education and research.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the WHEA Foundation is to seek, invite, welcome and involve all who wish to share, by their gifts of time, talent and purse in the pursuit of Healthcare Engineering excellence. The Foundation will provide financial support through philanthropy, to the diverse engineering educational needs of the greater healthcare community.

What We Stand For
The WHEA Foundation provides philanthropic support to the greater healthcare engineering community in the form of programs such as:

• Support for the Mission of WHEA

• Provide Individual Scholarships

~ Engineering Degrees
~ CHFM Certifications
~ Healthcare Related Internships

• Provide WHEA Education Course Registration Grants

~ Webinars
~ Management Seminars & Training Programs
~ Annual Conferences
~ Mechanic Training Programs
~ ASHE Conferences

• Subsidize the advancement of Data Collection / Research Projects

• Subsidize Pilot Healthcare Green Initiatives

• Subsidize WHEA Programs

~ WHEA Memberships
~ WHEA Committee Work
~ WHEA Chapter Programs
~ WHEA Video Conferencing Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we form a foundation?
We formed the foundation as an avenue to advance the Mission of WHEA by operating exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. We strive to invest in, receive, hold and dispose of assets to further this purpose. The Corporation’s endeavors include scientific research regarding, and educational seminars on, the improvement of engineering design, development, construction, and maintenance of healthcare facilities.

Will the Foundation have its own Board?
Yes. The board will be comprised of no more than 12 Officer Directors and Elected Directors combined. Included in the Board of Directors will be the Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association Board members of President, Past President and Vice President.

What is WHEA’s Relationship to the Foundation?
The WHEA Foundation is the 501 (c) 3 fundraising arm of the Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association. The Foundation is required to report to the Association (WHEA) on an annual basis. WHEA will have authority to vote on:
• Election of Foundation Board of Directors
• Dissolution of the Corporation
• Expulsion of a member

For more information about how you can support the WHEA Foundation or join us in pursuit of our mission, vision and goals, please contact WHEA Foundation Board President: Gordon Howie (715) 838-1999 or howie.gordon@mayo.edu.

Tomorrow’s Healthcare Engineering excellence…being secured today by your support of the WHEA Foundation!

If you would like to serve on the WHEA Foundation Board of Directors, please complete this application and email it to WFI President Gordon Howie at howie.gordon@mayo.edu.

Board of Directors Application

Funding Request Form, click here.

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