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If you have attended a WHEA Healthcare Construction Certificate (HCC) program, you understand the importance of the information provided and the positive impact it has on healthcare facilities. By renewing your HCC, you demonstrate your continued dedication to understanding the needs of staff, patients and visitors when doing construction within healthcare facilities. Information and instructions for renewing your certificate can be found on the HCC Renewal Application.

You can renew your certificate by either attending a scheduled Healthcare Construction Certificate program again or by acquiring the requisite education contact hours and filling out the renewal form and following the instructions.

A great way to obtain the needed contact hours is by attending the offered educational programs listed under the Education tab or attending the educational programs at the WHEA annual conference.

Please mail the completed application form, the registration fee and all necessary documentation to:

P.O. Box 374,
Woodruff, WI 54568

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Bruvold at (920) 570-4081 or info@whea.com.


Follow links below to the Healthcare Construction Certificate (HCC) Renewal Attendee Listings with expiration dates

UPDATED 5/29/24

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