MECH Certification for Healthcare Maintenance Mechanics!

In the interests of making the MECH certification process more streamlined, you will now work directly with the MECH Certification National Office for all of your MECH needs. WHEA will no longer be handling applications or test booklets. The link below will take you to their website that has complete information and access to the study guide, tests and application.


MECH Certification information and evaluation products are available from MECH, at

“MECH” stands for “Mechanic Evaluation and Certification for Healthcare” — a certification program developed just over 20 years ago by a group of Michigan healthcare facility managers and mechanics who noticed a need to identify and recognize highly skilled and knowledgeable healthcare maintenance mechanics.

Today, MECH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving facility managers, maintenance directors, engineers and mechanics across the nation. Its board of directors is made up of facility managers and Senior Certified mechanics working in five different states.

MECH Certification and MECH Senior Certification:
MECH Certification is awarded to mechanics with at least two years of experience in the healthcare environment who pass the MECH test. MECH Senior Certification is awarded to healthcare mechanics with four or more years of experience who pass the MECH test at or above the required score. Both are valid for five years and can be renewed by following the Recertification process.

The MECH test is a multiple-choice written exam with a two-hour time limit. It tests on-the-job experience in the following categories of healthcare maintenance work:

  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • General Maintenance
  • HVAC/R Systems
  • Power Plant/Boiler
  • Safety and Support Services

All test candidates receive the Test Preparation Workbook with their application, which includes a skills checklist and practice test to help them prepare.

The MECH test is typically administered within the facility where the test candidate works, by an authorized proctor. The proctor must be an employee of another department besides maintenance, such as human resources, education or nursing.


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Pricing information:
MECH Certified or Senior Certified Test, including Test Preparation Workbook: $170.00

Additional Products Available from MECH:
MECH offers a set of evaluation tools for facility managers and maintenance supervisors, to document the current skills of current or potential employees, or prepare employees for certification.

Since MECH Certification is only open to mechanics who already have at least two years of experience in the healthcare environment, it is recommended that facilities requiring MECH Certification for new hires use the Structured Interview and/or STEP Test to evaluate mechanics who are not yet qualified for MECH Certification.

Structured Interview Manual
Facility managers and maintenance supervisors who are faced with hiring new mechanics can systematically evaluate candidates, identifying qualification levels and documenting the hiring process. Learn more about the Structured Interview Manual...

Supervisor's Implementation Guide
Anyone who manages or leads a team of healthcare mechanics can benefit from using the Implementation Guide to prepare employees for certification. Learn more about the Implementation Guide...

The STEP (Screening Tool for the Evaluation of Personnel) is a professionally-scored test designed with the same rigorous analysis as the MECH test, but specifically for evaluating mechanics without conferring certification. Learn more about the STEP Test...

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