Chapter I

President - Heather Lauzon Werner
Vice President - Jason Sipiorski
Treasurer - Neil Jensen
Secretary -
Michael McGeorge
Officer at Large -

Full Memberships
- Persons employed directly by a healthcare facility or healthcare provider system in departments or divisions with responsibilities for engineering services, building maintenance, construction & renovation, safety and other disciplines associated with maintaining and improving the environment of care, life safety or emergency management enjoy full privileges and access to all of the benefits and programs offered through Full WHEA membership.  Full Membership is not limited to managers, directors and others with administrative or supervisory responsibilities; but is also available to non-supervisory staff members, as well.

Associate Memberships -- Persons who are not directly employed by a healthcare facility or healthcare provider system, but employed by governmental or regulatory agencies, representatives of manufacturers, contractors, vendors, architectural or engineering firms, and persons providing other technical or consultative expertise to the healthcare industry are eligible for Associate Membership.  Associate members receive all the benefits and opportunities afforded Full members except for the privilege of holding elected office at the state level.

Membership in WHEA Chapter I is only granted through membership at the chapter level.  Membership cannot be applied for on-line because we encourage active participation in our organization for both Full and Associate members.  This ensures that the character of each chapter remains dynamic and continuously nurtures the professional development of each of its members.  The map on this page displays the geographic boundaries of WHEA Chapter I within the state of Wisconsin.  Residents of border states are also welcome to become members of WHEA, and we encourage those candidates to seek membership in the chapter most adjacent to where they live or work.


Chapter I Area Map

Join Us! -- If you are considering joining WHEA Chapter I or need more information about our programs and meeting schedules, please contact our Member Services representative, Neil Jensen, at (414) 805-2836 or email:

Dues -- Chapter I membership dues for either Full or Associate members is only $50 per calendar year. To renew your membership using a credit card or check, click on the link below. You will be taken to a form to fill out, be sure to choose "I" from the Chapter dropdowns. You will have the option to pay using a credit card. If you choose Credit Card as your payment option you will need to click the "Continue to Payment" button on the confirmation page. If you choose check, please be sure to send a check to the address at the bottom of this page asap.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY FOR A NEW CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP, YOU CANNOT USE THIS LINK. Please click on the "New Member Application" link at the bottom of this column, print out and follow the instructions on the form.

Chapter III Credit Card Renewal

Please Note: MEMBERships in WHEA are personal professional memberships. They are not transferable and are not assignable to other employees, colleagues or associates of a MEMBER's facility or organization. Any monetary discounts or other benefits afforded to WHEA MEMBERS are available only to the individual MEMBER and cannot be extended to other employees, colleagues, or associates of a MEMBER's facility or organization.

Membership Application -- Click on the following icon for a downloadable, printable membership application.

New Member Application

Mail your application to:

Neil Jensen, Project Manager
Facility Planning & Development

Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin
9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee WI 53226-3596

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