Attn: Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

In accordance with CDC guidance, long-term care facilities have closed onsite hair salons and barber services in their facilities to reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19. Minimizing resident contact with outside individuals remains the best approach to prevent introduction of COVID-19 into long-term care settings.

The Guidance for Providing On-Site Hair Salon and Barber Services provides information to long-term care providers regarding resumption of on-site hair salon and barber services in the safest way possible. Facilities may resume onsite cosmetology services while ensuring the health, safety and welfare of residents and staff. In order to resume services safely, facilities should consider the guidance.

Facilities will need to determine whether they can follow these guidelines to ensure they can provide salon and barber services safely. This may not be a safe option for all facilities due to availability of PPE, staffing patterns and facility layout and/or location as outlined in the guidance.

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