Attention Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities: Responses Needed By October 30, 2020.

CDC is partnering with CVS and Walgreens to provide on-site COVID-19 vaccination to residents of Wisconsin nursing homes (LTC) and assisted living facilities (ALF) once vaccination is recommended for them. Facilities can partner with CVS, Walgreens, or their existing LTC pharmacy.

DHS strongly encourages Wisconsin-based LTC and ALF to enroll in the program by October 30, 2020, unless you have an alternative COVID-19 vaccination process already identified. 

The Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care (LTC) Program provides end-to-end management of the COVID-19 vaccination process, including cold chain management, on-site vaccinations, and fulfillment of reporting requirements, to facilitate safe vaccination of this patient population, while reducing burden on LTC facilities and local health departments. The services will be available in rural areas that may not have easily accessible pharmacies.

  • Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can choose their selection through the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). A nursing home or skilled nursing facility must be enrolled in the NHSN LTCF COVID-19 module to be able to make a selection of COVID-19 vaccine pharmacy providers. An “alert” will be incorporated into the NHSN LTCF COVID-19 module to guide users to the form.
  • Assisted living facilities (ALFs) will make their selection via an online REDcap sign-up form.
  • From the drop-down, select Options for Assisted Living Facility Form. Facilities select one of the following options:
    • Free on-site clinic(s) held by CVS
    • Free on-site clinic(s) held by Walgreens
    • Free on-site clinic(s) held by our existing pharmacy partner, if possible
      Note: The existing pharmacy partner name will have to be filled in. A note on the form says that “In the event your existing pharmacy partner is unable to obtain vaccine or host free on-site clinic(s), please select a contingency option below (CVS, Walgreens, or opt-out)
    • Our facility would like to opt out of receiving these services. We plan to receive vaccine and provide vaccination services in another way.

Opting out of the partnership

If a LTC facility opts out of the pharmacy partnership program, the LTC facility and the pharmacy provider of their choice are responsible for coordination of and adherence to all vaccine supply chain, storage, handling, administration, and reporting requirements, including strict cold chain and public health reporting requirements. A facility can choose to have vaccine supply and management services coordinated by a pharmacy provider of their choice by emailing

A facility can also opt in at a later time by emailing

Note: Indicating interest in participating is non-binding and facilities may change their selection or opt in or out via email after the online survey closes. Once the sign-up period has closed, no changes can be made via the online form, and the facility must coordinate directly with the selected pharmacy provider to change any requested vaccination supplies and services.

CDC expects the program services to continue on site at participating facilities for approximately two months after program initiation. After the initial phase of vaccinations, each facility can choose to continue working with CVS or Walgreens or can work with a pharmacy provider of its choice.

For more information or questions about the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program, please consult the program overview, review frequently asked questions, or contact

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