Attn: Nursing Home Providers

The Division of Quality Assurance has updated the Return to Work Guidance for Asymptomatic Health Care Workers Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 to provide resident care before completing the recommended isolation. This guidance was updated to provide additional information regarding the steps to take prior to implementing this practice. Facilities are recommended to review the Planning for Staff Shortages for guidance regarding “Strategies to Lessen Staffing Shortages.”

In addition, nursing homes are asked to notify the Division of Quality Assurance, Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care (BNHRC) regional office and the Local Public Health Department (LHD) if they decide to use asymptomatic staff who tested positive for COVID-19 using the Nursing Home Notification of Intent to Use Asymptomatic, COVID Positive Staff, F-02734 (Word). Staffing shortages should be re-evaluated regularly to determine whether exceptions to isolation remain necessary for resident safety.

Please see additional guidance at: DHS COVID-19: Nursing Homes

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