The Advocacy Communications Highway is ASHE’s response to a proliferation of healthcare regulations that may have confusing and contradictory provisions, which when interpretted and implemented by healthcare providers may sometimes yield confusing and contradictory results.

The Advocacy Highway is a two-way communications network. ASHE gives notice of new or impending regulations or their interpretations to all those affected by these regulations. In turn, recipients may alert ASHE to locally promulgated regulations or regulatory interpretations potentially affecting all Highway participants.

In more detail, this is how it should work: ASHE chapters will choose someone responsible for relaying ASHE communications both to and from the chapter. If comments on a proposed regulation are needed, ASHE staff will provide the framework and timelines within which comments must be submitted.

The exchange of this vital information is essential to ensure that existing and proposed health care regulations are arrived at through a consensus of all interested parties, and that these regulations achieve the desired objective of effectively protecting healthcare recipients’ safety and welfare.

Jeff Eckstein and Jon Cechvala co-chair the WHEA Codes and Standards Committee. The WHEA Codes and Standards Committee is responsible for the ongoing review of all codes and standards relating to health care engineering in the state of Wisconsin. The committee serves in an advocacy role by establishing and maintaining relationships with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) that foster opportunities for WHEA to pro-actively influence the standards development and revision process.

Under their leadership, WHEA’s membership has been able to significantly contribute to a wide variety of advocacy efforts on both the state and national level. WHEA Codes and Standards committee members regularly contribute to ASHE advocacy efforts, and work closely with state and national regulatory agencies. Members of WHEA’s Codes and Standards committee often serve as representatives to regulatory focus-groups, and accept appointments to committees and boards such as those responsible for the AIA Guideline and NFPA Standards development and revision process.

Contact either Jeff  or Jon if you have questions.

Jeff Eckstein                             Jon Cechvala

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